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Window Adjustment Service

Our dedicated service and repair team are specialists in Window adjustment for faulty double glazing, windows and doors.

If your door or window is unable to lock or just difficult to open or close then perhaps it has dropped out of alignment. We utilise a combination of hinge, glass, panel and frame adjustments to re-align your door.

Common Window Adjustments and Problems We Fix:

  • Window locking system adjustment / alignment
  • Window hinge adjustment
  • Faulty parts replaced or adjusted
  • Locking system re-alignment

Why do Gaskets fail?

Gasket seals on your double glazed windows or doors can shrink or perish over time. This can create gaps and cold spots.

we can generally replace gasket seals quickly and cost-effectively to provide a long- lasting, high-performing weather seal which will make a real difference to the ongoing performance of your windows or doors.

With gasket seals around the glazing in particular, it is important to get the right size of gasket fitted: if it’s too thick, it will put too much pressure on the glass; if too thin, it will not hold the glass tightly enough. On externally beaded windows, special sorts of gasket seals work together with the beading to push the glass into place, creating a secure fit.

What seals and gaskets do we stock?

stocks gasket seals for most pvcu window and door profiles and can source specialist gasket to repair and refurbish your leaky and draughty windows and doors if required.

These include

  • Push in weatherseal gaskets
  • Wedge gaskets
  • E gaskets
  • Fir tree gaskets
  • Opening sash to frame Bubble gasket
  • Opening sash to frame Flipper gasket
  • U channel gasket (patio doors)
  • Door threshold gasket seal replacement
  • Brush pile (draught brush) gasket seal


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Here's what our customers say about us...

Ben replaced 2 double glazed PVC windows. Everything ran very efficiently and price was good. I would highly recommend them and would definitely use again.
Shelley Ford
Shelley Ford
Great service....had a blown double glazed window replaced. They operate a very efficient, smooth and pain free business ...Ben and his colleague are enthusiastic and very helpful... all at an extremely competitive price! Would highly recommend to anyone who needs their services.
John Foreman
John Foreman
Fast, efficient service and the team are lovely! Great job really appreciated.
Laura Guy
Laura Guy
Fabulous, friendly service, thanks.
paul myring
paul myring
Great service and quality repairs done! Will recommend again.
Aaron Marshall
Aaron Marshall
Really pleased with the service received from Restoration Services and Glazing. I bought a house that a few of the windows had blown and I had no keys to any of the locks but the guys sorted me out quickly, professionally and at a fair price too 5*s!
Linda Lawford
Linda Lawford
Found these guys on millbrool matters group on fb. Wow!!!! Fantastic service from them. Know their job,pollite,respectful of property and tidy afer them. Great prices as well. Will not be using anyone else for this sort of thing. Highly recommend them to everyone
Lee Slade
Lee Slade
Would highly recommend this company. Excellent quality of work. They are very honest in their suggestions and wouldn't recommend anything unless it was absolutely necessary.
sue Hill-cousins
sue Hill-cousins
I cannot recommend enough - great communication, prompt arrival, work undertaken professionally & diligently, and cost expectations met. Fantastic Company !!
Craig Martin
Craig Martin
Had Ben round to do some more blown windows as before very professional and friendly and a prompt and efficient service . Would highly recommend . Many thanks
danny mcdermott
danny mcdermott

Have any questions about our services?

Are quotes and bookings free and no-obligation?

Yes, all quotes Estimates or bookings are completely free and no obligation. you will be notified when/if any extra payments are charged.

What parts do you stock on your van?

We stock the majority of uPVC replacement parts on our van for both windows & doors :

- uPVC window and door handles of all shapes and sizes and colours.

- Wedge and gasket seals of all shapes and sizes.

- Locking mechanisms, rods and keeps to fit most uPVC.

- Hinges for windows, standard, restricted and easy clean available, all sizes.

- Child locks, restrictors, cat flaps, vents, Door Hinges.


When and how do i pay for repairs?

We ask for payment on job completion to ensure that you are happy with the job first, we accept most forms of payment including card, apple pay, credit card or our bank details are at the bottom of your invoice for a bank transfer. Others can be considered depending on circumstances.

When and how do i pay for new UPVC window or door installtion?

We ask for a 10 %  deposit on acceptance of an estimate or quote. We accept most forms of payment including card, apple pay, credit card or our bank details are at the bottom of your invoice for a bank transfer. Others can be considered depending on circumstances.

What guarantee do you offer?

- All UPVC repairs are covered for a year, just get in contact and will book you in to resolve.        - New UPVC and composite is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 5 years.


How to tell if your hinges need replacing

There are several signs that your hinges may need to be changed on your UPVC windows:

Difficulty opening and closing the window: If you notice that it is becoming harder to open or close your window, or if it feels like it is stuck or binding, this could be a sign that the hinges are damaged or worn out.

Visible damage or wear: If you notice that the hinges are visibly damaged, such as if they are bent or have significant wear, they may need to be replaced.

Window is not properly aligned: If your window is not properly aligned in the frame, or if it appears to be tilted or misaligned, this could be a sign that the hinges are not functioning properly.

Noise when opening or closing the window: If you hear a loud noise or creaking when you open or close the window, this could be a sign that the hinges are in need of replacement.

Drafts or leaks: If you notice that your window is no longer sealing properly and you are experiencing drafts or leaks, this could be a sign that the hinges are not providing the necessary support to keep the window properly sealed.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, it is a good idea to have a professional assess your hinges


How to tell if the seals on my windows and doors need replacing.

There are a few signs that the seals on your UPVC windows and doors may need to be replaced:

Drafts or leaks: If you notice that your windows and doors are no longer sealing properly and you are experiencing drafts or leaks, this is a clear sign that the seals are worn out or damaged and need to be replaced.

Visible damage or wear: If you notice that the seals are visibly damaged or worn, such as if they are torn, cracked, or have significant wear, they may need to be replaced.


Will new upvc windows and doors improve the thermal efficiency of my home ?

Installing new UPVC glazing can significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home. UPVC is a highly energy-efficient material, with a low thermal conductivity that helps to keep homes and buildings warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The amount of improvement you will see will depend on a number of factors, including the current level of insulation in your home, the size and orientation of your windows, and the type of glazing you choose. Double or triple glazed windows can provide even greater insulation and energy efficiency.

To determine the specific energy savings you can expect from new UPVC glazing, it is best to consult with a professional. They can assess your current windows and provide a more accurate estimate of the potential energy savings you can expect.


Double Glazing & Home Repair Services We Offer

Covering All of Southampton, Eastleigh, Winchester for Double Glazed Windows & General Home Repairs

Broken Windows

We repair broken windows and provide smashed glass replacement

Misted Windows

Trapped condensation? We'll repair a sealed unit or replace the glass

Window Hinges

Rely on restoration glazing for your window hinge replacment.

UPVC Lock & Handle Repairs

We repair broken locks and handles for windows and doors.

Cat Flap Installations

Want to install a cat/dog flap into a glass, upvc or wood panel?

Door Furniture Replacement

Child locks, letterboxes and more....

New UPVC and composite  Installations

We Install new UPVC and composite.

Frosted & Mirrored Window Coating

want to change the apprearance of your glass? we're here to help.

Seal, Gasket and fur seal Replacement 

Rely on restoration glazing for your window seal replacement needs.

Property Services

Change or renovate the appearance of your property In Southampton

Roof Cleaning Services

Rely on restoration glazing for your roof cleaning needs.