3 Signs Your Window Hinges Need Repair

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Are you struggling to close your double glazed windows?

Before you blame it on a sticky frame or faulty locks, take a closer look at your window hinges.

Hinges are often overlooked but crucial to smooth window operation, damaged hinges can cause a whole range of issues with your windows.

Your windows may be in need of repair if you have any of these three issues:

Difficulty opening or closing your window or door

  • If your windows are becoming a struggle to open or close, the hinges might be the root cause.
  • Stiff or rusted hinges can impede the smooth movement of the window sash, making operation a chore.

Visible wear and tear

  • Take a close look at your hinges.
  • Do you notice any rust spots, corrosion, cracks, or misalignment?
  • These are all signs of worn-out or damaged hinges that need attention.

Squeaking or grinding noises

  • Are your windows making unpleasant sounds when you try to open or close them?
  • Squeaking, grinding, or scraping noises often indicate hinge problems, such as friction caused by wear or misalignment.

If you’ve noticed any of these three signs in your windows or doors, it’s essential to address the issue promptly to avoid any further damage.

Ignoring hinge problems can also lead to further issues down the line, such as compromised security in your home or reduced energy efficiency.

Before you get professional help, see if you can follow our DIY low-cost maintenance guide to fix these issues yourself

If that doesn’t work, the team at Restoration Glazing can help you.

Whether its lubricating a stiff hinge, replacing rusted hinges or realigning hinges so the door or window closes properly. Our team can help you.

Don’t let faulty hinges disrupt your comfort and security at home. If you’re experiencing any of these hinge issues.

Our team at Restoration Glazing specialises in diagnosing and resolving window hinge issues promptly and effectively. Get in touch if you need help with your window or door hinges

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At Restoration Glazing, we are experts in fixing all types of window issues, door issues and home repairs.

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Written by icb233

March 8, 2024

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